Famous Slot Machine Symbols and Their Meanings

Whether you’re playing an online slot or in a physical casino, the symbols on the reels are an important part of the game. Each symbol has a specific meaning and can help you create profitable combinations, giving you more chances to win big prizes.

Traditionally, slot machine symbols were based on fruits and bells. But with modern technology, the game has branched out into more exciting themes and icons.

1. Fruit symbols

Whether you’re a newbie to slot games or you’ve played them for years, it’s important to know what the symbols on the reels mean. That way, you can maximize your chances of winning!

Fruits: The fruit symbols that are on the reels of a slot machine have long been associated with money and good luck. They’ve been used since the first machines were created in the 1890s, and they’re still a part of slot culture today!

Card numbers: A lot of slot machines use card symbols, including the Tens, Kings, Queens, and Jacks. They’re a staple of the game, and they can also act as wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to help you get a winning combination.

The lucky number seven is a classic symbol that has been on slot machine reels for quite some time. It’s considered to be a good sign of wealth and prosperity, and it can trigger additional bonus features in some slot machines.

2. Bar symbols

If you’re new to slot machines, you might not know that they use symbols that mean different things. These symbols are often used in slot games to help players win. They can be low-paying or high-paying, and they also correspond to the overall theme of the game.

Many of these symbols are familiar to everyone, such as aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens. However, there are a few that are unique to slot machines.

One symbol that you might be unfamiliar with is the bar symbol. It was first used in early slot machines, and it’s thought to have started as a symbol for chewing gum.

When many areas outlawed slots, the Bell-Fruit Gum Company created a machine that paid for winnings with sticks of gum instead of cash. This allowed slot machines to avoid a lot of laws that were aimed at banning gambling.

3. Horseshoes

Horseshoes are a symbol of luck and prosperity, and have been used for thousands of years to protect the hooves of horses. They are made of different materials and are often fitted with nails, which are a safe way to hold them on the hoof without damaging the animal.

These shoes are an essential part of a horse’s hoof and help them to perform their tasks, such as pulling a carriage or going on hacks. They also protect the hooves from damage and prevent them from breaking down.

They can also be used to make a horse run faster, which can help them win in a race event. This is why they are considered a lucky item.

They are also a popular symbol in slot machines, where they act as wild symbols, substituting for all other standard symbols to create profiting combinations. They can also trigger free spins and other bonus features that can increase your winnings.

4. Number 7

One of the most famous symbols in a slot machine is the 777 symbol. It represents a victorious spin and a sizable payoff.

Moreover, this number is associated with luck in various cultures around the world. For instance, it is considered good luck in Japan, Korea, and Chinese culture.

Aside from the 777 symbol, other classic slot symbols include cherries and liberty bells. These symbols are timeless and will never go out of style.

The origin of these symbols is a bit mysterious. However, they are based on a popular chewing gum brand.