The Biggest Casino Heists of All Time

One of the most exciting parts of gambling are heists. These events have occurred throughout history and can often prove very successful.

However, these crimes also carry great shame for those caught engaging in such activity.

1. The Stardust Heist

Casino heists of historical magnitude are fascinating to witness, generating widespread public fascination. Additionally, these spectacular crimes have provided inspiration for numerous Hollywood blockbuster movies like Ocean’s series and 21.

The Stardust Heist was one of the most notorious and contentious casino robberies ever committed in 1992. Longtime casino employee Bill Brennan stole an astonishing amount from Stardust casino.

Brennan had spent many years as a trusted long-term employee at the casino and knew exactly which security cameras he should avoid when carrying out this crime.

Following his heist, Brennan disappeared without trace and has never been located since then. He has since been added to the FBI’s Most Wanted List as it is believed he left the country with all of the stolen funds.

2. The Bellagio Heist

One of the greatest casino heists ever occurred at Bellagio in Las Vegas in 1971. Jose Vigoa from Cuba organized it and recruited two accomplices Luis Suarez and Oscar Sanchez in order to rob it.

The heist occurred during an intense poker tournament at a casino and security cameras provided police with real-time footage of its execution. A suspect entered the poker cage, pulled out his gun, and fled with an undisclosed sum of cash before police could intervene.

Carleo was an ambitious drug user who recently robbed Suncoast Casino. Determined to score another lucrative casino job, Carleo entered Bellagio wearing his motorcycle helmet and stole approximately $1.5 million worth of chips from there.

His theft was recorded and broadcast around the globe within hours of its happening, prompting police to quickly apprehend and jail him for 16 years.

3. The Circus Circus Heist

Casino heists are a common sight on movie and TV screens, usually complete with guns blazing and getaway vehicles.

One of the most infamous casino heists ever was the Circus Circus Heist in 1993. A 21-year-old named Heather Tallchief successfully stole $3.1 million in cash from this casino heist.

In October 1993, she used an armored truck to enter the casino and load ATMs with cash – after stealing this loot she and Roberto Solis disappeared without trace.

The heist marked the first in a string of similar casino robberies where would-be thieves employed technology to take large sums from multiple casinos over several years, before carrying out this one-time theft. According to estimates, these three men had raided six different establishments prior to this attempt at theft.

4. The Emperors Palace Heist

Casino heists have become one of the most beloved film themes over the last several years. The excitement and suspense surrounding breaching high security barriers and making off with millions in cash are thrilling story lines made for big screen entertainment.

But not every heist needs to be the complicated affairs that we see portrayed in movies like Ocean’s Eleven; many less-than-sophisticated operations have worked just as effectively in real life and left casinos reeling with losses.

South Africa was rocked by a massive casino heist attempt this past Sunday at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park. Fifteen men were arrested after police foiled an attempted robbery attempt and two of their gang were shot during a shoot-out with authorities, recovering eight firearms in total.